Conservation is a key component of Cosley Zoo’s mission.

We demonstrate our commitment to conservation on a daily basis by participating in environmentally friendly practices such as recycling, using a rain barrel to collect water for plants, re-purposing materials rather than buying new ones, minimizing plastic waste by providing plastic bags and straws to guests on request only, and installing energy-efficient lighting. We also participate in several large-scale conservation initiatives.

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Thank you to our sponsor for supporting Cosley Zoo’s conservation efforts:


The World’s Tallest Mammal

Giraffe photo

In the past few years, giraffe numbers in the wild have decreased by 40% due to illegal hunting and habitat destruction. Once numerous there are now less than 100,000 giraffe left throughout Africa. AZA-accredited zoos and their partners are working collectively to help save giraffe through education, scientific research, fieldwork, and public awareness.

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One of the Most Endangered Canids in the World

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The red wolf is the only canid solely native to the United States. Currently, 27 facilities accredited by the Association of Zoos & Aquariums (AZA) are working together to increase the wild population of the red wolf through captive breeding and reintroduction programs implemented by AZA’s Species Survival Plan program and partnerships with government agencies, non-profits, and research facilities.

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Illinois Endangered Reptile

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Due to illegal capture, loss of habitat, predation, and vehicle and fishing accidents, this once-numerous local resident is now struggling to survive. Your donations will help Cosley Zoo and its local partners, like The Forest Preserve of DuPage County, in efforts to rear young turtles for release and improve the quality of their natural wetland habitat. Donations will fund continued research and purchase food and equipment vital to the long-term success of this project.

Donate to Support the Blanding’s Turtle



Your support can change the world.

Stop by and visit the Coins for Conservation Display at Cosley Zoo and donate your spare change to help support conservation efforts for these endangered species, or make a donation here.


Cosley Zoo hosts this annual event each April along with more than 100 other zoos and aquariums throughout the country. This is the largest combined Earth Day event in North America! Party for the Planet features conservation-focused activities for families and promotes ideas for establishing “green” practices in our visitors’ own backyards. Check our Events page in the spring for more information about Party for the Planet.


Cosley Zoo’s Conservation Team meets monthly to further conservation efforts within the zoo and the community. They are responsible for planning and implementing the zoo’s chapter of the FrogWatch USA citizen science program, organizing Adopt-a-Stream and other local clean-up events, maintaining the zoo’s rain barrel, and creating conservation awareness messaging on zoo grounds and social media, amongst other initiatves.