Club Care Animal Adoptions

Adopting an animal provides a special way for you to be a part of Cosley Zoo and our mission.

The Cosley Zoo animal adoption program invites supporters to sponsor the care of one of the zoo’s animals. Donors will receive an adorable plush animal, an adoption certificate, an animal information sheet, and a photo of the animal. Adoptions last one year and are renewable.

Special Adoption Package: $65*

The special adoption package includes:

  • Plush animal
  • Adoption certificate
  • Animal information sheet
  • Photo (4″ x 6″)

Each year, the zoo’s grocery bill alone amounts to more than $30,000. By purchasing one of our Club Care Animal Adoption packages, you will help defray the costs of feeding and caring for more than 200 animals.

*Plus $9.99 shipping & handling if the adoption is processed online.

Current Club Care Animal Adoption: White-Tailed Deer

white-tailed deer plush
Adopt Online

Current Club Care Animal Adoption: Bobcat

Bobcat plush
Adopt Online

Current Club Care Animal Adoption: Blanding’s Turtle

Turtle plush
Adopt Online


Donate Online

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Adoptions may be processed online or at the Wild Side Gift Shop.

Save on shipping and handling by purchasing your adoption package in the Cosley Zoo Wild Side Gift Shop. See Cosley Zoo hours.

For more information, please call Cosley Zoo at 630-665-5534.

All adoptions are valid for one year and are renewable. “Adoption” does not imply ownership, naming right, feeding, or exclusive privileges with regard to specified animal at the zoo.

Bobcat photo at top of page by Edward Durbin 

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