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Daily Activities

Cosley Zoo maintains 20 exhibits, housing more than 200 animals that represent over 50 species. Every exhibit provides guests with an educational, safe, and fun way to personally interact with nature.

Coyote Connection

Go behind the scenes with Cosley Zoo zookeepers to visit our coyote up close and observe a coyote training session. Learn about the important role coyotes play in our environment and how humans and coyotes can safely coexist.

  • Available daily 11-11:30A and 1-1:30P; must be checked in 15 minutes prior to program start time.
  • Sign up in the Wild Side Gift Shop during your zoo visit, or call 630.665.5534 to make a reservation. First-come, first-served; maximum of 6 participants per program.

Cost: $30 per person

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Duck Feeding

Duck feeding takes place at 10-10:30A and 2:30-3P daily, weather permitting, beginning April 13. Duck food is $2/serving.

Chicken Feeding

Chicken feeding takes place on weekends through the end of April, and daily in May from 11:30-11:45A. Chicken food is $2/serving.


Cosley Zoo offers backpack tours for families. These eco-friendly packs are filled with a combination of activities and discovery items families can utilize while at the zoo. Each pack focuses on a different theme and will act as a “tour guide” as you make your way through the zoo, highlighting various exhibits and promoting animal and habitat conservation messages. Backpack tours are a great way for parents and children to explore the zoo together.

  • $5.00 per pack
  • Packs can be checked out from the Wild Side Gift Shop

Backpack Themes and Descriptions:

  • Senses: Animals have the same senses we do, but theirs are much keener than ours. Learn more about the amazing senses animals have during this interactive backpack tour.
  • Adaptations: Animals have special adaptations that help them live. Learn what adaptations are and some specific adaptations that help different kinds of animals survive on this interactive backpack tour.
  • Body Coverings: Different types of animals have different body coverings. Learn about fur, feathers, scales, and slimy skin during this interactive backpack tour.
  • Illinois Wilds: There are all kinds of amazing animals right in our backyards! Learn more about some of these Illinois natives during this interactive backpack tour.
  • Habitats: Animals live in different areas of the world. Some live in grass, while others live in trees. Each area that provides food water and shelter for the animals is called a habitat. Learn about some of the habitats you share with animals.
  • Camouflage and Coloring: Animals come in many different colors and patterns. Learn about how these colors help the animals to survive.
  • Nocturnal Animals: Animals are active during different parts of the day. During this tour you will learn about what it means to be nocturnal, what helps animals that are active during the night and know which animals are active during the day and which are active during the night.
  • Life Cycles: Animals grow and develop in different ways. The activities in this backpack will help us to learn how different animals grow and change.


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