girl pets chicken held by zookeeper

Take your students on an educational field trip they are sure to enjoy.

School & Group Programs

Let the area’s best zoo provide an unforgettable learning experience for you.

Cosley Zoo education programs support many Illinois State Learning Standards for children ages 3 and over. Cosley Zoo staff is experienced in working with a wide variety of ages and groups with special needs. Program material is adjusted to be age-appropriate for your group. We look forward to being part of a memorable learning experience.

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Program Topic Descriptions

Introduce your students to the different body coverings found on animals. In this class, they’ll see examples of feathers, fur, and scales and identify their functions.

What makes a mammal a mammal, a bird a bird, or a reptile a reptile? Students learn the criteria that help us place animals in their proper classification or group.

What has three body parts, six legs, two antennae and sometimes wings? Insects! Learn basic insect characteristics and much more.