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A lifetime of inspiration begins at Cosley Zoo

This past year, YOUR support of Cosley Zoo helped connect more than 170,000 visitors to nature in unique and important ways.

Thank you!

  • YOUR donations allow children and their families to develop a lifelong appreciation for the world around them by experiencing up-close interactions with Cosley’s animal residents.
  • Because of YOUR support, 90,000 students learn through a variety of hands-on, educational programming about the importance of conservation and how to care for the world around them.
  • YOU help fund conservation efforts locally and around the globe with projects supporting endangered native Illinois wildlife like the Blanding’s turtles and emergency efforts to save the critically endangered Vaquita in the Gulf of California.
  • YOUR tax-deductible donation to Cosley Zoo allows area families and students to continue to learn about and develop an appreciation for the world around them, supports local and global conservation efforts, and helps care for the more than 250 animals who call the zoo home.

Can we count on you to help support the important work happening at Cosley Zoo with a tax-deductible donation? With a gift of $50 or more you will receive a limited-edition Cosley Zoo ornament available for pick up in the zoo gift shop after Dec. 1.

With YOUR help we are excited to inspire more people, teach more students, and have an even bigger impact with our conservation efforts in 2018. We can’t do it alone, we need YOU.

We need YOUR gift to help keep admission free for all children so more children can experience the wonders of the natural world, and to continue to provide the best possible home for the animals entrusted to our care.

On behalf of all the animals here at Cosley Zoo and from all of the Cosley Zoo staff and volunteers – thank you for your support.

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