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Summer Camps

All Cosley Zoo camps meet from 8:45-11:45AM Monday-Friday. These interactive learning experiences involve games, activities, crafts, and of course, live animals!

Fee: $130/ resident; $160/ non-resident for each camp

Registration for Cosley Zoo summer camps opens February 21 for Wheaton Park District residents and March 7 for non-residents. For registration information, please visit

Questions? Contact Natasha at


June 19-23

Farmyard Fun (ages 4-7)

It’s time to spend some time on the farm! Discover animals that call the farm home, including cows, pigs, chickens, and more!


June 26-30

Wild About Art (ages 6-11)

Young artists will go wild for this camp, where the zoo’s live animals serve as inspiration for arts and crafts projects. Creativity abounds when the zoo is your art studio!


July 10-14

Colorful Critters (ages 4-7)

Whether they use their colors to camouflage, stand out, or warn other animals of danger, all animals have reasons for being the colors that they are. Learn more about animal coloring through interactive games, crafts, and live animal visits.


July 17-21

Animal Tales (ages 4-7)

There are many wonderful tales about animals. Each day focuses on a favorite animal story with campers creating their very own animal tale throughout the week.


July 24-28

Animal Athletes (ages 8-11)

Which animals at Cosley Zoo run the fastest, leap the farthest, or climb the highest? Find out as you compare your skills to those of our amazing animal athletes.


July 31-August 4

Zookeeper Camp (ages 12-15)

Ever wondered what a zookeeper does? Join us for a week and participate in some keeper duties–clean a stall, feed an animal or two, and much more!


August 7-11

Backyard Buddies (ages 4-7)

From bugs and owls to salamanders and turtles, come investigate the animals that live in our backyards. There are a lot of interesting animals right under our noses!